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Bush Hill Cheese is an artisanal cheesery established in 2022 on Underbush Farm in Creighton, the “milk bowl” of KZN.

John and Cindy Kidger Bush Hill Cheese

It is here that our herd of Jersey cows live, graze and produce rich, creamy and highly beneficial A2 milk which we use to produce a distinctive range of cheeses and yogurts.

Using this raw A2 milk to produce our range, ensures that we keep all the beneficial nutrients, found in this special milk, intact, and offer our customers a unique selection of cheeses and yogurts that are not produced anywhere else in the world.

Our herd graze on beautiful pastures of rye grass grown specifically for them in the Underbush Valley, a unique biosphere which is home to the magnificent Bush Hill, an untouched forest, and the meandering Nkonzo, meaning “prayer”, river which feeds into the mighty Umzimkulu river, and eventually into the sea on the KZN South Coast.

It is here that the Kidger family, a second-generation of dairy farmers, live and produce the Bush Hill Cheese range. We are pleased to welcome you to our website and our hope is that by consuming our cheeses and yogurts you feel fulfilled and inspired to live your best life.

– John & Cindy Kidger

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About our products

Our Jersey herd graze on rye grass pastures on the fields of the hills and valleys in the Underbush Valley in Creighton, southern KZN, South Africa. Jersey cows are a unique cow breed in that they produce the highly nutritious and sought after A2 milk. Jersey A2 milk is packed full of numerous essential vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fats us humans need to lead healthy lives, including the vitamins A, D and E, potassium, and magnesium, and contains 20% more calcium and 18% more protein than other (A1) milk. A2 Jersey milk is also gentler on our digestive systems and can even be tolerated by most lactose-intolerant people.

We use raw A2 milk to produce our range as it means our cheeses and yogurts keep all the beneficial nutrients, found in milk, intact. The pasteurization process kills off a large number of the beneficial nutrients in the milk; using raw milk ensures we are producing a whole food which is not only tasty but also good for humans.

All our products are hand made using recipes based on ancient traditions passed down from generation to generation of cheese makers and dairy farmers. We also do not remove the goodness from the milk but instead include 100% of the thick and buttery Jersey cream, which is what gives our range its distinctive flavour.

We do not add stabilizers or bulking agents to thicken, bulk or firm-up our range, in fact, our yogurts and cream cheeses are so thick that you can turn the tub upside down for a second or two without any of it falling out!

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raw full cream milk

single source

no additives